Automate your automotive logistics strategy and operational workflows, bespoke for your dealership.

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Automate vehicle movements

Simple AI-workflows that reduce the manual processes that take your team away from more valuable work.

Optimise stock location

Place cars in the best locations for higher margins and quicker sales, and move them there quickly.

Implement a group wide strategy

Reduce silos and inefficiencies by binging all of your sites onboard to centrally defined strategies.

Leading dealer groups love Optimise


Jigcar has been instrumental in facilitating communication between head office and key site staff, allowing us to address specific movements promptly and enhance efficiencies group-wide.

Moreover, our reliance on manual processes and email exchanges with our logistics partner has significantly decreased, streamlining our operations and bolstering productivity.

Jigcar has truly revolutionised our logistics management, paving the way for smoother operations and greater collaboration within our motorgroup.

Dean Quy - Director of Sales Operations, Glyn Hopkin

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