One platform to manage and analyse your automotive logistics. Implement your logistics strategy, with actionable insights and consistent processes.

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Consistent processes

Ensure all sites are planning vehicle movements using the same process and set of data.

Reduce hidden costs

Unlock new insights across previously disparate sources.

Enhance collaboration

Assess third party (3PL) and in-house logistics performance like never before.

Plan strategically

Make forward-looking decisions to drive new efficiencies.

Leading dealer groups love Analyse


Thanks to Jigcar, Glyn Hopkin have gained invaluable visibility over our operations spanning across all 34 sites.

Their analytical product empowers us to track every movement comprehensively, including costs and the performance of our third-party logistics partner.

This insight has been instrumental in facilitating communication between head office and key site staff, allowing us to address specific movements promptly and enhance efficiencies group-wide.

Dean Quy - Director of Sales Operations, Glyn Hopkin

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